Tax Conference for Small Colleges and Universities

Three different one day tax conferences in three different cities. Find out what your college or university needs to know to stay out of trouble with the IRS at the Tax Conference for Small Colleges and Universities. Click here for the details and to register.

Register HERE >> for June 10, 2014, Hobart & William Smith Colleges, Geneva, NY
Register HERE >> for July 14, 2014, Manchester University, Ft. Wayne Campus, Ft. Wayne, IN

Taxes can be difficult and daunting to understand. For universities, colleges and nonprofits the tax codes get more and more difficult to navigate every year.

With my background working for the IRS for fifteen years and my twelve years as a Tax Manager for three different universities, I understand the lingo and can translate the boring, legal and difficult to comprehend aspects into plain English so you know how they might impact your college or nonprofit. I’ll let you know how you can protect yourself from unpleasant experiences with the IRS and how to make sure you don’t lose your nonprofit status.

What I can do for you
• I consult with colleges and universities in on policies and procedures regarding tax issues and concerns and provide real life, practical advice for you.
• I do what I call ‘Dispute Resolution’. If you receive a letter from the IRS I resolve it. If you are notified of an IRS or State Examination (Audit), I can represent your school. I hold the designation of Enrolled Agent Before the IRS (E.A.) and this allows me to represent your school in tax matters.
• I serve on a retainer for schools and universities to offer outside tax advice and guidance.
• I make presentations to associations, your business or financial staff at your university or college to educate and provide answers to your tax concerns.
• As I’ve been told, my sense of humor can actually make tax information fun.

To talk to me about how I can help your university, college or organization contact me at or call me at 732.853.4721.