Taxes can be difficult and daunting to understand. For universities, colleges and nonprofits the tax codes get more and more difficult to navigate every year.

With my background working for the IRS for fifteen years and my twelve years as a Tax Manager for three different universities, I understand the lingo and can translate the boring, legal and difficult to comprehend aspects into plain English so you know how they might impact your college or nonprofit. I’ll let you know how you can protect yourself from unpleasant experiences with the IRS and how to make sure you don’t lose your nonprofit status.

• I consult with colleges and universities in on policies and procedures regarding tax issues and concerns and provide real life, practical advice for you.
• I do what I call “Dispute Resolution”. If you receive a letter from the IRS, I resolve it. If you are notified of an IRS or State Examination (Audit), I can represent your school. I hold the designation of Enrolled Agent Before the IRS (E.A.) and this allows me to represent your school in tax matters.
• I serve on a retainer for schools and universities to offer outside tax advice and guidance.
• I make presentations to associations, your business or financial staff at your university or college to educate and provide answers to your tax concerns.
• As I have been told, my sense of humor can actually make tax information fun (imagine that)!

Order Steve’s Second Book or His Magazine!

Steve’s second book, Resources from The Tax Translator, is over 400 pages of samples of policies, questionnaires, checklists, and procedures that are related to the various types of taxes that face a college or university.  It was designed to serve as the how-to book for his first book, Taxation for Colleges and Universities: Six Steps to a Successful Tax Compliance Program, a “what to do” book.

The “Let’s Talk Tax” magazine is a collection of articles authored by Steve Hoffman, The Tax Translator, designed to help show the importance of having a tax strategy.

Here are some testimonials to consider;

“Mr. Hoffman provides the GPS to navigate the road map to implementing a robust tax compliance program. Most importantly, he stresses the importance that those ultimately responsible; such as the CFO, Business Officer, or VP be knowledgeable, involved and take responsibility for tax compliance at their institution. Mr. Hoffman’s practical and common sense approach makes this book a great resource for those wanting to implement a tax compliance program as well as those just needing to review their current programs.”

—Jory Cummins, Tax Director, Hawaii Pacific University

“This book is an excellent guide for easy to understand tax compliance.  I have no doubt this book will be picked up and used often.”

—Tim Hurst, Assistant Vice President for Finance, Austin Peay State University

“Steve’s practical experience shines throughout this book, which contains useful information for those just developing a tax compliance program or looking to improve an existing program at their Institution.”

– Perry Chaffin, Director of Audits, Marshall University

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To talk to me about how I can help your university, college or organization. Contact me at steve@thetaxtranslator.com or call me at 732.853.4721.