How many CPS’s does it take to resolve a tax issue?

Three of the top CPA firms have a combined total of 121,147 professional working for their firm. (Source: Accounting Today, March 2017 edition).

Deloitte –  62,726

Ernst & Young – 32,900

KPMG – 25,521


How many meetings do you help pay for just one National CPA firm?  I was attending a conference where the Meeting Director for one stated her department organizes over 2000 meetings a year.


So what?

  1. First, I find myself wondering why universities call their audit firm when confronted with a tax issue for their school.  I have not resolved the inherent conflict of interest in the audit firm representing their clients in a tax issue.
  2. Do you really need to pay for 2000 meetings for all the other employees in their firm?
  3. You can become a CPA and never take a course in nonprofit tax. Many of my readers are CPA’s and confirm this.
  4. Why would you want to pay the exorbitant fees for a ‘Senior’ person when the younger employees are the ones doing the heavy lifting?
  5. There is a good chance that when they arrive at your door in response to your call for help with a tax issue, that you will be greeted by a freshly minted CPA with less than five years’ experience. How many of you started your career with a big firm, only to burn out after five years and leave?
  6. Unlike me, they have not worked for the IRS for 15 years and then served as a Tax Manager or Director in the Business Department at three different universities.


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